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What is a taxi dancer?

A taxi dancer is a professional dance partner – someone who will accompany you to milongas, group or private classes.

Why do I need a taxi dancer?

Venturing into the tango scene of Buenos Aires without a dance partner is exciting but it can also be disappointing when you are not invited to dance either at all or not as often as you would like to be. Let’s face it; this is something that can happen to either the unknown beginner or more advanced tango dancer anywhere in the tango world! A taxi dancer makes you feel immediately at ease and ensures that you can enjoy every moment of the Milonga and, as your understanding and experience deepens, your confidence and ability grows: those watching the dance floor are attentive observers and soon you find that you are being invited, or accepted, to dance by local dancers at the Milongas.

Who are the taxi dancers?

Our team comprises a large group of highly respected professional dancers.

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As organisers of trips and holidays in Buenos Aires, and looking to hire only the best dancers and taxi dancers, we always trust taxi-dancers.com for all our needs. We would not hesitate to highly recommend their work to anyone that wants the best experience in Argentina.

Leandro Palou


The biggest events we've produced in the New Jersey is Buenos Aires Tango Experience, an intensive immersion to the art of Argentine Tango. We run this very complex event for 12 years, and on the last one were recommended to hire taxi-dancers.com in choosing and managing the assistants (26 in 2016), We had the best experience ever. We are very careful with the details and always took care of all aspects of the event ourselves to ensure success, and this is such an important part of our event. After 11 years doing it, I can say we had the best experience ever and that was in big part due to the team of taxi-dancers.com They contacted me prior to the trip numerous times to make sure they understood our requirements, they responded my concerns and questions promptly, and most important, everything went as expected during the event and the team was present the whole time taking care of last minute adjustments.eds.

Athentic Tango School


The best team of assistants! It is always a pleasure to work with them at our festival. Group classes are more productive when everyone has a partner to dance, so this service is perfect for those who travel alone to tango in Buenos Aires.

Tango Secrets Festival


The vast majority of the private classes organized by the company take place in Casa Charcas. I can assure you that the service of several private classes with different teachers has made a big difference in the dance of each student. Highly recommended for those who want to improve their dance in a short time.

Casa Charcas